Typemock Isolator 5.3.5 is out!

It’s time for a new Isolator version – those of you who want to get it right away just click here.

Still with me? Good – here’s what’s new and great with this Isolator version:
First off, we created a new API for helping you invoke inaccessible methods and events. You can use Isolate.Invoke.Event() to invoke any event, and Isolate.Invoke.Method() to invoke private methods. You can find more info and examples here.
Another feature several of you asked is custom verification – now you can verify a call happened and pass the test only if its parameters match your own custom checker. This is done by using Isolate.Verify.WasCalledWithArguments().Matching() – full documentation of this feature can be found here.
Last but certainly not least, we have a few bug fixes lined up:
  • Error messages provided by Verify are much clearer and provide a lot more information
  • Behavior of ref/out parameters for Recursive Fakes is now fixed
That’s it! As usual, you can download the version on our download page.