Typemock Support – what it’s all about

We like to think of our support as the icing on the cake that is Isolator  – the additional value our users get when subscribing for maintenance for any one of our products. Our customers know that when they run into any problem, they’ve got more than one way to let us know, and we’ll be right on it.

The Typemock Forums

If you want to know how to do cool stuff with Isolator or Racer, or if you have any questions to ask, this is the place to be. The Typemock community is always happy to help out with answers and tips, so feel free to drop by!

Support Email

Got a question to ask, or an issue to report? Contact our support team by sending an email (support AT typemock.com). We promise to answer any question and investigate every issue, and will not rest until a proper solution is found.

Don’t forget that you need to keep your license maintenance up to date to get support!

1-on-1 Live sessions

We use GoToMeeting to connect to our customers online. Sometimes, it’s the best way to reproduce issues, sometimes it’s to show them a new way to use our API. In any case, online sessions are always a good place to learn something new.