Poll: which test runner are you using?

There are many test framework for the .NET developer but TDD’ing without a proper test runner can be a source of frustration and waited time. Luckily for us there are quite a few test runners out there as well. Yesterday I’ve came across this poll created by fabiomaulo.

Although the poll is still open It seems that Resharper test runner has almost as much votes as TestDriven.NET and MSTest/NUnit runners combined, this seems a bit odd to me:

I like reshaper test runner, in fact it because it was the 1st integrated runner I’ve ever used but nowadays I prefer TestDriven.NET for running NUnit test because of the extensive tool integration and the fact it runs 64bit tests as well. When using MSTest I prefer to use the MSTest runner that just comes with visual studio.

Am I missing something? is R# test runner superior to the other options or is the poll fixed in some way?