Managing teams rule #1 – less meetings

Scott Hanselman is going through a big change in his career. He’s going to be managing people. Since managing people is tough, he came to chris sells for advice which has been produced in this little nugget(video).

What’s interesting and I’d like to take note of is what chris sells has to say 10 minutes into the video (right before the end):

“We have one day during the week which is “no meeting” day”.

Let’s restate that:

Every day during the week we are bothered by meetings, except just one day when we can actually get some work done.

No wonder things move slowly up in the big blue giant. It should be the opposite:

We only have one “meeting day” a week when we let ourselves be bothered by meetings which require all of us. The rest of the week we are left to work. The only other meeting we have is a standup meeting which takes 15 minutes at the beginning of each work day.

The daily standup is a great way to get rid of lots of needed “sync” upfront, leaving your team to work for the rest of the day, instead of sitting and meetings and pretending to listen while actually trying on work on the laptop in secret.