Lead the way in unit testing – live Webinar

Below is the PR we sent regarding the webinar on the implementation of Unit testing in software development companies:

Why are some developers more successful than others?

Typemock, invites software developers to the ‘Lead the way in Unit testing’ live webinar. In this webinar, which is hosted by Roy Osherove and Gil Zilberfeld, Typemock will share the hard learnt secrets of becoming a change agent and leading the implementation of unit testing, in your company.

Come and learn how you can change things around in your company. The demonstration will be packed with tips and tricks for fast and easy unit testing and will end with a live Q&A session.

This webinar provides you with the tools that not only improve your unit testing, but by using them, you can help your work place to implement unit testing practices. You will get invaluable tips which are a must for any developer who wants to get ahead in his company by helping it to reduce costs and shorten the development time by doing unit testing right.

The webinar will take place on July 29th 2009 – Click the link to register and secure your location:

8am GMT – https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/813743274

And again at 3pm EDT: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/121909771

This webinar will include:

• The challenges of Putting Unit testing to practice in companies.
• Methods and techniques to overcome these challenges
• Unit Testing tips and tricks
• Live Q&A session

Unit testing is a software development methodology where developers write tests for small units of their code and check them in isolation, not as part of the whole application. With unit testing, developers find bugs earlier, helping their company to meet their deadlines and release products with higher quality in a faster time to market.

Typemock develops tools that give developers the power to easily perform unit testing. Typemock’s flagship product, Isolator, unit tests all .NET technologies (C# and VB.NET), such as ASP.NET and Silverlight, and is the only one that can unit test SharePoint. Only Isolator can unit test sealed classes, static methods and private constructors in .NET.