Is Unit Testing The Answer For The EU Software Liability Bill?

Find out at Typemock’s NDC ‘Unit testing and Beer’ event, or on the polls in this blog.

EU commissioners are proposing that software companies be held liable for the quality of their products, and Typemock is holding an open microphone event at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) to find out if unit testing can give companies the assurance and confidence needed to be liable for their products. Everybody is welcome to attend this event.

The ‘Unit testing and Beer’ event will be held on the first night of the NDC, next door to NDC’s geek beer event. In this event, developers will discuss whether or not unit testing is the answer for the new EU law bill and if they are for or against the new bill. Typemock will be polling their opinion both off-line in the evnt and on-line on the left side of this blog.

We believe that unit testing is the best way to ensure software quality and code integrity, and that any company that unit tests as part of its development process goes a long way to being sure of its code.

You can see below, the general out line of the EU software Liability proposal.

The EU wants to hold you liable for bugs found in your software:

“Extending the principles of consumer protection rules to cover licensing agreements of products like software downloaded for virus protection, games, or other licensed content. Licensing should guarantee consumers the same basic rights as when they purchase a good: the right to get a product that works with fair commercial conditions.” Read more

So what is your opinion on this matter? Share it with us either by coming to the ‘Unit testing and Beer’ event on NDC and expressing your thoughts, by living a comment / trackback, or by answering the polls on the left.

Typemock’s ‘Unit testing and Beer’ event will include an open microphone discussion, along with free drinks (alcoholic of course), snacks and surprises, and will be held right next door to NDC’s Geek Beer event. See you all there.