Easy deadlock detection- get a free license for Typemock’s Racer launch

We have released a new deadlock detection, unit testing tool – Typemock Racer, and for the product’s launch, each blogger who will review the Racer will get a free Racer license!

As the software world move towards multi-threading platforms, more and more developers find themselves faced with the problem of testing their code. Due to the nature of multi-threaded code development, the causes for bugs aren’t easy to detect even with thorough testing. Companies run the risk of falling behind the competition, as they either don’t develop multi-threaded code, or deliver buggy software, leading to users abandoning their products.

Typemock Racer, our latest in a long line of unit testing tools, scans the developer’s code for known multi-threading problems. Racer is designed to integrate smoothly into the developer’s work flow, enabling the developer to write tests, and get a detailed report to show where the potential problems occur in the code.

Special deal for the launch – get a free license:

Each blogger that will download Racer from our site, evaluate it during the 21-day trial, post a review about it on his blog and tell us about it, will get a free Racer license. All reviews are welcome, we listen to your comments that’s how we improve. The review must be at least 100 words long (but can be more), must include a Hyperlink to Typemock’s site, and must be posted before 21/07/09.

Go to the Racer page in our site to find out more on Racer’s deadlock detection.

We will appreciate it if you let your blog readers know of this offer, either by posting the below text, or by telling them in your own words.

** Typemock have launched a new Unit testing tool, Typemock Racer, and for the launch they are offering a free license for bloggers who will review it.

Get the full details on Typemock’s blog. **

  • Pete Martin

    The link to the racer download page is broken here – does racer still exist, and if it does, where?