Virtual Tech-Days Session: TDD with Typemock Isolator

On April 1st Microsoft is hosting a 24 hour event of technology learning. If you’re reading this blog you might be interested to listen to one specific session called "Starting TDD with Mock objects" presented by yours truly.

So if you’re new to TDD or want to learn about Isolator (or both) you can listen to the session at 11:00AM-12:00PM (GMT).

Registration can be done via the Tech Days site just look for session DEV307.


See you there

  • Shay Jacoby

    קודם כל נרשמתי (רפלקס כזה…)
    אני לא רואה איך ניתן לשנות את השעה בלוח השנה אבל אני בטוח שאסתדר.