Using TestDriven.NET and Tyepmock Isolator on 64bit machine

In a previous blog post we suggested a workaround for users who run into trouble running TestDriven.NET with the Isolator on 64 bit machines.
I want to clear up few things that can be misunderstood from that post:

  1. The problem occurs on Vista / Server 2008 OS.
  2. This looks like a problem is in the Isolator and not TestDriven.NET. We hope to fix this issue in the near future.

The proper workaround for this issue as suggested by Jamie is to build the test project with x86 configuration.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • From the Build menu open Configuration Manager.
  • In the platform column drop down list choose new …
  • From the New Platform drop down list choose x86.

When you’ll build and run the tests again TestDriven.NET is smart enough to recognize the change and will run the tests under 32 bit process using ProcessInvocationx86.exe.