Starting at the Middle

"We’re in a middle of a project right now. We’ll wait two months until it completes, then we’ll have time".

A common answer to my question: When do you think you’ll introduce unit testing?

If you gave me this answer, I won’t believe you. Here’s why: If I came to you in two months and asked what has changed since last time, you’ll give me the same answer. That’s because development is always done under pressure.

In two months time, you’ll be up to your neck in fixing bugs, running away from QA reports. You’ll fix those bugs, and eat away at the time you thought you’d have when the project completes. And when it does complete (late), and you think it’s over, you’ll start receiving bug reports from the customer. Guess what? no time to start unit testing then either. If all that doesn’t sound familiar, you’re probably doing unit testing already, so you can stop reading.

For the rest of you I say: Let’s face it, there is never a good time to start unit-testing, or making any change, for that matter.  So, start today. Write your first unit tests. Change is painful, and you’d rather delay that. But in agile, we say: if it’s painful, do it first.

Get out of your comfort zone. Do what’s right, instead what feels cozy and non intrusive. Don’t whine.

Take responsibility, and level up your professionalism.