Help us find a great company slogan


It’s time for Typemock to choose a new Slogan for itself as a company. “Simply Unit Testing” on our homepage served us well, but it’s time to move on.

Or maybe not? help us decide and win.

if we choose your slogan you win :

  • a credit in your name in our “about” page for the slogan, as long as we use it.
  • a free full Isolator license in your name

What kind of slogan are we looking for? (Examples)

The main messaging should be that we are leaders in the unit testing world, helping people be more productive, create code with better integrity, quality, faster.  Here are some examples we are considering

  • Typemock: Isolate, Test, Evolve
  • Typemock: We’ve got you covered
  • Typemock: Powering the testing evolution
  • Typemock: Industrial Strength Unit Testing

–feel free to build on top of these or go nuts with your own ideas

What we need from you:

  • Write down a short slogan (one short sentence) in the comments to this post with your details: name, blog and such
  • You can write as many entries as you wish in one comment, and you can write as many comments as you want.
  • do NOT write down your email (We will ask the winning comment to send us their email by… email!)

The journey for a better slogan starts now, and ends Friday the 13th, March at 10 AM GMT.

Good luck. We look forward for some great suggestions!

  • Anonymous

    All your unit test are belong to us.

  • OK9

    1. mock it happen

    2. sharp unit testing

    3. UnitTesting++

    4. TDD++

    5. TDD sharp

    6. more tests in less time.

    7. more time to code

    8. Unit Testing for dummies

    9. Unit Testing Unleashed

    10. Unit testing faster!

    Oren. (

  • Liam Westley

    Maximum coverage. Minimum work.

    Testing doesn’t get any easier than this.

  • Rodrigo

    - Test R us
    - Like a good night sleep? Get Tyepmocked

  • Jose Rolando Guay Paz

    1) Typemock, unit testing the right way.

    2) Mock, code, get paid…

    3) Unit testing that rocks!

    4) Unit testing as it should be…

    5) Typemock, unit testing that actually works…

  • Avish

    TypeMock: We Mock Your Pain.

  • Avish

    Some god-related slogans for the religious market:

    * TypeMock: Mocking on Heaven’s Door

    * TypeMock: Deus Ex Mockina

  • Avish

    TypeMock: Unit Testing, Straight Up.
    TypeMock: Test Away.

    (there are no penalties for bad ideas, right?)

  • teke175

    1) Stop being Mocked. Use TypeMock.

    2) Mocking is painful. TypeMocking is plain smart.

    3) Why be Mocked when you can be TypeMocked.

    4) TypeMock.. Resistance is futile

    5) Application Development ($90,000)
    Tests ($20,000)
    TypeMock (Priceless)

    6) 9 out of 10 alpa geeks use TypeMock. Why don’t you?

    7) TypeMock. Practice Safe Mocking

    8) Give me TypeMock or Give me death

    9) TypeMock, Ultimate Testability

    10) Typemock passing tests since 2006.


  • Anonymous

    We test…You produce

  • dalesmithtx

    Fast acting, low odor.

  • DougFerg

    When the real thing just won’t do.

    Typemock – Setting Expectations and living up to them.

    Reality is tough. Mock it.

  • Denny

    I can’t think of anything useful… but…

    Typemock: Run a mock
    Typemock: I-So-Late
    Typemock: No mockery
    Typemock: Simply unit testing
    Typemock: I type therefore I mock
    Typemock: A unit of test
    Typemock: Test everything
    Typemock: A unit test in the application is worth two in the concept
    Typemock: We do unit testing right

  • Mark Seemann

    Boldly go where no mock has gone before!


  • Dan

    “Mock Types.”

  • Adwait Ullal

    Test coverage, plain & simple.

  • Bobster

    Objects Tested/Products Shipped

    Great Code Happens Here

    We Make Your Code Shiny!

    Mocking Your Types

    Mock Early and Often!

    The Best Mock – No Kidding!

  • rogerpence

    Stop testing your test! Get TypeMock.

  • ChrisHolmes

    1. Test Everything

    2. Painless Unit Testing

  • object

    “Power supply unit for unit testing”

    “Don’t Be Late – Isolate!”

    “Isolatest Driven Development”

    and a couple of musical ones:

    “Give code a test”
    “Every byte you test”

    Vagif Abilov
    Oslo Norway


    TypeMock – You are alone.

    TypeMock – Code in Isolation.

    TypeMock – ’cause not everyone can keep up.

    TypeMock – only trust your own code.

    TypeMock – You are your own best dependency.

    TypeMock – Depend on it.

    TypeMock – No more naked Code.

    – that was fun…

  • Benoit Lavigne

    1) TypeMock: Isolate, Test, Deliver
    2) TypeMock: Isolate, Test, Extend
    3) TypeMock: Isolate, Test, Repeat
    4) TypeMock: When Quality is not an option

  • Lasse V. Karlsen

    Typemock: When the real thing isn’t good enough!

  • Lasse V. Karlsen

    TypeMock: High expectations!

  • Anonymous

    Testing the Untestable
    Making the untestable testable
    Mocking for the real world
    Mocking for the rest of us
    Solitary Confinement for Code


  • Kaleb Pederson

    1) Revealing Your Strengths
    2) Assuring Code Evolution
    3) Isolating Test Evolution
    4) Simply Isolate Bugs
    5) Empowering Developers
    6) Not Mocking… Empowering
    7) Assuring Testability
    8) Testability Ensured
    9) Isolating the Impossible

  • Rik Hemsley

    How about not having a slogan?

  • Lee

    Mock Me? Mock you, pal!

  • Anonymous

    TypeMock: The longer you avoid learning how to design for productivity, the more money we can suck out of you

  • Anonymous

    Testing: it’s not just for breakfast any more.

  • object

    “TypeMock. Your Test Isolab”
    “TypeMock. Isolatest and Greatest”

  • agyleGeik

    Typemock: Save code, Safe Code
    Typemock: Unit Testing redefined
    Typemock: Real testing, delivered.
    Typemock: Best of the testing world
    Typemock: Follow the rules…
    Typemock: We verify validate and isolate
    Typemock: Power to test
    Typemock: Tool of trade
    Typemock: Plan, test, achieve

  • Rodrigo

    - Don’t get mocked. Use TypeMock

  • Rodrigo

    With us you won’t be mocked

  • Liam Westley

    Leaves no code untested.

    Mock, code and play.

  • Michael Dorfman

    Typemock: Improving The Integrity Of Your Code

    (or some variation thereof–”Improving your code integrity”, etc.)

  • Simon Segal

    I mock, I live – Let TypeMock breathe life into your code!

  • Tormod Steinsholt

    Typemock: Mocking Unleashed

  • Sergey

    Test Code To Win.
    Code Testing To Win.

  • Bobby H

    Typemock: Don’t let your code make a mockery of you.

  • Peter

    TypeMock: Isolate to integrate

  • Omar Faruk

    Type less, Mock more
    Type less, Fake more
    Type less, Test more
    The More I Fake, The Less U Type
    The More I Fake, The More U Isolate
    The More I Fake, The More U Test

  • Andrew Kazyrevich


    I’m currently writing a book with this tentative title – but if you’d pick that up as a new slogan I wouldn’t mind :)

  • Omar Faruk

    Mock Amply, Test Simply
    Fake Amply, Test Simply
    Mock Amply to Test Simply
    Fake Amply to Test Simply
    Simple Mocking Ample Testing
    Simple Faking Ample Testing

  • Matthew Phillips

    Typemock: The test of quality software

    matthew_phillips (you know what goes here)

  • Neil Whitaker

    Take the blue pill.

  • Ariel Ben Horesh

    We will, We will Mock you. (based on Queen’s song We will rock you).

  • boo

    1. Revolutionary Testing
    2a. Designing for simply for your testing framework stops here
    2b. Design for your application, not your testing framework
    3. And you thought it couldn’t be tested…
    4. Test without boundaries
    5. No-hoops testing

  • Denny

    Typemock: Test Passed!
    Typemock: Get your green light
    Typemock: Implement IMock
    Typemock: Resuscitate Quality
    Typemock: AddressOf Quality

  • pablito

    TypeMock: The application is just an excuse…

  • Gil Zilberfeld

    Hi Pablito,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We picked a slogan, and it’s on our site: Unit testing, plain smart.