SilverUnit – True unit testing for silverlight

I’m happy to introduce SilverUnit – a unit testing (TRUE unit testing) for silverlight.
And it’s written in VB.NET, as an open source project. Here’s how you write tests with it.

Most importantly – it does not require that you run the test inside the silverlight runtime. You can run then as a regular NUnit test run, they run only in memory. The CThru engine underneath takes care of intercepting and “skipping” all calls to the silverlight runtime. SilverUnit does its part and mimics the missing pieces (Dependency Properties, RoutedEvents to a degree and so on).

SilverUnit is based on a new Typemock feature called “Open AOP” that allows you to intercept any call in a precompiled system (SharePoint, silverlight) and change its behavior.

It’s hosted at (it’s based on a lower layer called “CThru” which sits on top of Typemock).
For anyone who’s doing silverlight:

  • I hope this can be a good place to start looking at how to unit test custom controls in silverlight
  • I hope you’d want to contribute to it if you’re interested (remember that discussion about VB.NET OSS involvement..?)

One last point – it’s based on a commercial product’s APIs, so you will need to have a typemock license (commercial or open source)

Check out the Unit testing Silverlight page on the Typemock site.