Isolator for Sharepoint Contest – Winner Update

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the launch of Isolator for SharePoint.
We have already received over 50 posts about this launch, and we sent the free license to the first 50 bloggers who posted about this.

If you would like to evaluate our tool for unit testing Microsoft SharePoint applications, and you were not in the first 50 to blog about this, you can always download it and evaluate it during the free trial period.

We would be delighted to hear your feedback about Isolator in our forums and blog, also please feel free to review it on your blog.

Below you can see the list of bloggers who won a free license:

Tim Wheeler
Matthew Frank
Harish Mathanan
Glenn Wiley
Bill Craun
Ran Davidovitz
Kanwal Khipple
Matt Smith
Aaron Powell
Philip Kirkham
Molnar Agnes
Roger Noble
Alpesh Nakar
Michael Nemtsev
Keith Dahlby
Matthew Bremer
Patrick Yong
Jeremy Thake
Robin Meure
Spencer Harbar
Rune Rystad
Fernando Felman
Magnus Johansson
The Black Knight (Per Jakobsen)
Daniel McPherson zevenseas
Brian Farnhill
Tom Pester
Ryan Riley
Chris Jacob
Baes, Christiaan
Tony Rasa
Ricardo Peres
Dragan Panjkov
Stein, Christian
sezai komur
Bastien PROT
Steve Pietrek
Alexander James
Tyler MacLeod
Adrian Bogdan Mocanu
Scott Hoag
Hermans, S.J. (Serve)
Nguyen Huu Hoa
Daniel Gonzalez Garcia
Grant Palin
Vochten, Thomas
Dostalek, Kevin

The Typemock team