Important Typemock Isolator Assemblies

Mads Nissen had an issue with Typemock Isolator and Gallio integration
He was kind enough to let us work with him and solve the problem.
Thanks Mads!

In his blog post mentioned above he says:
"First I added most of the TypeMock 5.1 binaries to my buildtools svn repository (no, didn’t bother to investigate which files I actually HAD to include – TypeMock Team: It would be nice to have this documented in order to create the smallest possible footprint for this scenario)."

Well Mads is right and here is the list:

  • TypeMock.dll (Should be in the GAC)
  • Configuration.dll (Should be in the GAC)
  • MockWeaver.dll
  • ProfileLinker.dll
  • namespaces.dat
  • typemockconfig.xml
  • TypeMock.Configuration.exe
  • Typemock.ArrangeActAssert.dll

If you are using MSBuild or NAnt:

  • TypeMock.MSBuild.dll
  • TypeMock.NAntBuild.dll

A note about the MockWeaver.dll and the ProfileLinker.dll:
These are native assemblies that has specific versions for 32 and 64 bit.
If you are running on 64 bit OS create x86 and x64 directories just like they are in the Isolator installation.
Both MockWeaver.dll and the ProfileLinker.dll needs to be registered via regsvr32.exe.

  • Travis Illig

    In the Typemock Isolator Developer guide (the help file), this same list is published under the heading “Auto Deploying Typemock Isolator.”

  • Mads Nissen

    Perfect! Thanks Ohad