How to Teach the First Unit Test

Derik Whittaker posted on "Teaching someone to test using an Isolation Framework". I wrote about this experience before, and I like the points Derik describes during his teaching session.

Derik has chosen to go with another framework, but maybe going with Isolator would help speed things up next time:)

  • Derik


    Love the nugget about using Isolator :).

  • Gil Zilberfeld


    Just a bit of humor for the end of the year… ;)

  • Derik

    Oh, I thought it was a nice one personally.

    I have no hate for Isolator like some do, just like the price point of Rhino :)

    But in the right place I would use Isolator as it can be very helpful.

  • Gil Zilberfeld

    Yeah, I agree. Rhino’s price point is too low:)

    Have you tried doing such a session with Isolator with someone?