Unit Testing SharePoint using Isolator

The P&P group at Microsoft has recently adopted the Isolator product as their mocking framework of choice. In their current guidance drop announced recently they include usage of the Isolator:

“Checkout how we unit test our current version of the Reference Implementation. We are using a tool call Typemock. Unit testing was one of the most requested areas of guidance for SharePoint.”

when asked why the choose the Isolator over other open source mocking framework the answer was quite simple:

“In our review of the other mocking frameworks, we found that they could not mock classes that are sealed and/or does not have public constructors. SharePoint’s API consists heavily of sealed classes and classes with internal constructors, and TypeMock is the only mocking framework that allows to us to mock these classes.”

So for all the SharePoint developers out there, Unit testing can be done and now its easy to learn using the resources released by the P&P group.

Please click the link to learn more on using SharePoint, or to learn how to unit test a SharePoint application.