Typemock Isolator within an Automated NAnt Build Script

Mehfuz Hossain has a very detailed and interesting post on how he performs a build, and includes a description on how he integrates Typemock Isolator into his build process. He’s using NAnt as a build engine, and he obviously uses the Isolator NAnt tasks within it. Mehfuz uses Isolator open-source version which is available at Typemock download page.

Just a small clarification. From the original post (and the NAnt script):

<TypeMockRegister Company ="Open Source" License="Get one for you" AutoDeploy="True"/>

The company and license that appear here are examples. When you download Isolator, you will receive a real license which you then embed in this line of code.

Just to repeat what we already know: Automatic build scripts running your tests is an extremely efficient tool for feedback. With the addition of Isolator, it allows you to run your unit tests, get better code coverage, and let you know quickly if anything is wrong and where, so you can fix it quickly.

Use it.

  • Travis Illig

    An important item of note – if you use the same NAnt script to build on a developer workstation as you do to build on the server and your developer workstations already have Typemock Isolator installed, the TypeMockRegister task can have some interesting and, sometimes, unfortunate side effects.

    I’ve found it’s a good idea to add a condition to the TypeMockRegister task so that it only runs if it’s in a build server environment.

    I have a similar blog article where I show how to get Isolator, NUnit, and NCover all playing together nicely, and you’ll see the conditional execution of TypeMockRegister there.

  • Mehfuz

    Hi, Thanks for the mention, actually there is another post that shows the NAnt way of doing it :-). But the referenced post mainly shows the MSBuild way of doing it.

  • Ian smith

    Since that in the last post we created the solutions for this application, it’s now time to setup our build enviroment. This automated build will help us in the proccess of not performing those tedious tasks of copying files from one side to another, zipping, etc, tasks that some times leads us to errors.

    Link Building