New stable version of Typemock Racer: Visualizations, new APIs and much more

Yesterday we have released a new stable release of Typemock Racer.

Since the last stable release the Racer Team has been working hard on fixing bug and adding new features to our product.

  • We’re now supporting the following synchronization objects:
    • AutoResetEvent/ManualResetEvent
    • ReaderWriterLock
    • ThreadPool
    • Thread.Join
  • Deadlock Visualization during test debugging and as part of test results.

  • We’ve improved the overall application performance so now you can test more code with Racer.
  • Bug Fixed

As always we would greatly appriciate your input on this product. So if you want to affect how Racer looks or what it does all you have to do it download it here and send us feedback or leave a comment (or bug report) in our forums.