Typemock Racer Released!

I’m happy to announce the release of the Alpha version of our newest product Typemock Racer.  you can get it here.

Typemock Racer is a tool that uses dynamic and static analysis to find deadlocks in .NET code.

By using Racer API a developer can specify what code to test for deadlocks, how many threads to run on, and more. If Racer finds a deadlock, it displays a detailed report of the actions which led to the deadlock and helps the developer debug the issue.

This version is intended as a technological preview, so that our customers (yes you!) can give us feedback about features, issues and expectations you will have from coming versions of the product.

You can contact the Racer Team at our forums where you can discuss racer, report bugs  or request new features.

To learn more about Racer, you can read about it on Typemock Racer’s about page, ISerializable and Eli Lopian’s blogs.