Isolator 4.3 Released!

It’s time for another release! It’s version 4.3 of Typemock Isolator. Download it from here.

What’s new?

  • The first thing I want to mention here is support for Ivonna. It is already possible to purchase an Ivonna license through our site here. Once you receive a license, you can simply enter it through the Typemock Configuration GUI (Under the License tab). Just select Ivonna from the combo box. For those of you who develop ASP.Net applications and who still haven’t tried Ivonna – I suggest you go try it NOW. It’s a great tool, built on top of Isolator’s platform, to simplify writing tests for ASP.Net.
  • And on you’ll notice the Typemock.Integration.Packs namespace APIs we added to support license management through Isolator, the way Ivonna does. If you want to build your own add-on pack, let us know!
  • We warned you when we released 4.2 that this would be the last version of Isolator to support .Net 1.1. We weren’t lying. Version 4.3 does not support it. It is our way of saying: Get current, dude.
  • And for those fortunate people with 64 bit machines, listen to this: A single installer! Yes, finally. Make sure that when you upgrade, you uninstall BOTH previous 32 and 64 installers prior to installing 4.3. (For a very few of you, fortunate as you are, you may need to re-enter your license after the installation. You’ll see that in the Configuration window both Company and License fields will be empty).
  • A new API we’ve added: RecorderManager.GetMockOf(instanceRef) and its brother MockManager.GetMockOf(instanceRef). This allows you retrieve the mock controller object based on a reference to the instance. You can read more about it here.

There’s a whole list of fixes I’ll get them in a minute. But first the issue of LINQ.

LINQ. We thought we had it right in 4.2.4. We didn’t. Different support cases of LINQ usages, especially DLINQ, were thrown in our faces. Each with its own expression tree. So now DLINQ support is much better (we do know of one issue that still requires a fix) but this time we’re not saying it’s perfect. We understand it will take awhile until we’ve covered every case. Prove us right.

Here’s the list of bug fixes, since 4.2.4:

  • Fixes to DLINQ support. LINQ Queries with data tables now work better, for example with GroupBy.
  • Static constructors in Natural Mocks are now invoked correctly.
  • A bug that caused an exception to be thrown when mocking interfaces (“Method XX in type IMyInterface has no matching overload that returns TypeMock.Mock+a) was fixed.
  • A bug that caused an exception to be thrown when the mocked object was overriding Equals was fixed.
  • A bug that caused failure in mocking explicit interface with the same name was fixed.
  • A bug ocurring im multithreading scenarios in VerifyWithWait was fixed.
  • A bug that causes NullReferenceException to be thrown when using Auto Deploy was fixed.

    So go download it. Now. What, you’re still reading this? I said go.

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