Typemock Isolator v4.2.4 Released

Yes, another one! Can you believe it?

So this version is a compilation of bug fixes we’ve made in the last couple of months. The full list appears below, but I’d like to mention a couple here.

The first is the infamous “Invalid Operation Exception”. This was a tricky one. It took a while to reproduce in our dark basement. Actually, most of the time was spent on reproducing the problem. After it surfaced, the road to the solution was short. (But isn’t that the case with all these problems?)

The second one is the LINQ problem. Remember the chain of posts awhile ago? That’s the origin. And the courage/fear post? Also. Long story.

Internally, we called it the “Chain inside Chain”. The reason is that LINQ queries are parsed into long method calls with expressions and expression tree. And this goes into our chain interpretation mechanism. So now, complex LINQ queries are mocked correctly.

Here’s the complete bug fix list:

  • “Invalid Operation Exception” when working with NHybernate and XML serialization was fixed.
  • Complex LINQ queries are now mocked correctly.
  • Manual assembly loading does not cause an exception. AssemblyResolve event fires correctly.
  • RepeatAlways now works correctly following WhenArgumentsMatch.
  • Returning values of types that inherit from generic type now work correctly.
  • GetMocks return the correct mocks for abstract classes and interfaces.
  • Following undeploy Typemock Isolator remains registered.
  • Methods up to 30 parameters can now be mocked.

Before you run off to get your copy, I’d like to take a minute to thank our customers. First, for reporting their problem. Then helping with the investigations. And lastly, having the patience to wait until we solve them.

So go get it now. All the cool kids are playing with it.

  • Simon

    4.2.4 seems to have disappeared from the downloads page

  • Gil Zilberfeld

    Thanks for the heads up, we fixed it.