Ivonna lets you write ASP.NET Unit Tests

Looking for a way to write unit and integration style tests against ASP.NET Pages and WebForms? Ivonna is a new project that aims to give an alternative to things you’d usually do in stuff like Watin or Watir or NUnitASP, using the help of Typemock underneath to isolate the WebForms runtime from the real HTTP context:

"Ivonna is an Asp.Net testing tool that allows writing unit tests for your WebForms applications. What makes it different is that Ivonna runs in the same process as the test runner.
Unlike other testing tools, Ivonna is not a "client-side" tool. It doesn’t just test the HTML output (although such a possibility exists), it creates and runs an Asp.Net request and allows you to examine the intrinsic objects, such as the Page object. This opens many new possibilities, such as

  • Examining properties of page controls and other objects, such as the HttpContext object.
  • Mocking external dependencies in order to isolate the page behavior.
  • Injecting setup code and assertions into the page’s lifecycle event handlers.

Ivonna is being developed in partnership with TypeMock and runs as an add-on to the TypeMock Isolator framework.