Typemock acquired by Microsoft

Update: If you didn’t realize this, this was an april fool’s post, nothing more (yet!). Do enjoy the movie though. it is from our 4.2 release pool party!

I’m happy to announce that last week, Typemock has accepted an offer to be acquired by Microsoft Corp.  (Here is the post on TechCrunch )Expect a proper press release later this afternoon.

The documents have been signed today and we have ben celebrating all this past weekend: see video below

The move comes as no big surprise. after Microsoft has released its unit testing tools, it was only a matter of time until they introduced a Mocking framework into the toolset which allows testing both new code and existing legacy code for organizations which face this problem. That is where Typemock Isolator comes in, and wins the match.

The product is expected to be available in future versions of VS.NET Professional, Team Test, Team Developer and Team Suite, and will have close integration with the MS testing tools.  This is all we know at the moment and will update as things progress over time.

It’s been a fun ride, and we’re not even sure if development will move all or partly to Redmond or stay in Israel. In any case, it’s going to be interesting :)

  • Anonymous

    I saw earlier this post at Techcrunch, but lost the URL. Can you publish this URL to Michael Arrington ‘s post ?

  • Simone

    Is this true or yet another April’s Fool joke? :)

  • Gabriel Lozano-Moran

    You posted this a day too early :) The date of the post is 31st March. It seems like everybody wants to be acquired by Microsoft nowadays…

  • Simone

    @Gabriel: I guess blogger uses US time, while Roy and TypeMock are based in Israel, so it was already April 1st in his (and mine) timezone

  • Rob Cannon

    I hate reading the Internet on April 1st. Is this real or not?

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys.
    Yes, it is (for now) an april fool’s post and nothing more :)


  • Rob Cannon

    I would think it should be an unwritten rule “Don’t pull an April Joke that could piss of your customers”

    It would be wise to just remove this post.

  • Anonymous

    Rob: how could this piss anyone off? an april’s fool’s post? seriously?
    Why would anyone find this offensive?
    Did you?

    Thanks for the suggestion though. If anyone does find this offensive, please let us know in the comments why.
    Pending good reason, I’d be happy to be convinced this post is a bad thing.

    otherwise, I’d advise people to lighten up a little.