MbUnit “Gallio” announces built in support for Typemock Isolator

Jeff Brown Just posted about the current alpha version of MbUnit (Gallio codename) with cool new features. I urge you to take a look at it here.

Cool thing about it: Built in integration for Typemock and NCover runners:

“This is all it takes to run your tests with NCover or TypeMock using MSBuild:

<Gallio Assemblies=”MyAssembly.dll” RunnerType=”NCover” />
<Gallio Assemblies=”MyAssembly.dll” RunnerType=”TypeMock” />

The trick is that the tests will run in an isolated host process with the profiler attached.  You can of course plug in your own runners too.  You can of course pass the same arguments to the NAnt task, PowerShell task and the command-line runner (Echo).

Magic. “

Coolness. Great job.