Decisions, Decisions…

As you probably know, (it was in our release notes, and everybody reads those…) we are removing the support for .Net 1.1 in the next version of Typemock Isolator. This decision was not easy, as we know some of our customers use VS2003 to develop and test their code. On the upside, some of the problems customers have been experiencing (and if you ever saw the dreaded BadImageFormatException, you know who you are) will magically disappear.

And there was much rejoicing in the development team room. Because now our build process is much simpler. The work includes updating the solution and projects, test scripts, and the installer building scripts. Removing some files and folders from the installer was easy. We use Wix and WixEdit for that. But one of the unforeseen events that came up was that NDoc is now failing. Before it had a 1.1 version to work on, not it doesn’t.

Now, for those of you familiar with NDoc, I hear you say: Well – NDoc doesn’t support .Net 2.0!

You are right. We are in the process of examining new documentation tools. But what do we do until then? If we leave the installation script as it is, we lose our ability to demo a fully working version at the end of the iteration.

We decided that for now, we’ll compile a separate 1.1 version, just for the sake of the almighty NDoc. It’s not a permanent solution, and obviously not one we like, but it is important for our incremental process.

Sometimes we need to do things we don’t like, or not aesthetically pleasing. We do so because we value other things more. What kind of “ugly” paths have you taken for the sake of your values?