Typemock Isolator 4.2.1 Beta Is Out

The updated 4.2.1 Beta is now on the Typemock site. Anyone who downloaded the 4.2.0 Beta, should uninstall it and install the 4.2.1 version. The unpatched version contains a bug that crashed the Configurator tool when it loads.

As Typemock’s dev team is growing, we are feeling our way in the agile world. We are in a continuous learning mode. And the story of this patch is something we discussed today, in order to improve.

The bug was introduced in the latest stages towards Sunday’s release. In order to save time, we began testing on an earlier version, which didn’t have the bug in it. On Sunday, when we decided that it’s time to release, we built a new installer, tested it quickly, and uploaded it to the website. Obviously, we didn’t catch the bug then.

What could have we done better? For one thing, prior to release, we could test more expansively. We would probably have found it. But let’s dig in more: we build our installer from our source control system. How did the rogue code get into the source control system in the first place?

Deadlines. The more you get closer, you let things go. At this critical point, we didn’t review the code prior to check-in. Of course pressure is an excuse, and everyone was busy doing their things, but if we didn’t let our guard down, we would have caught this prior before the bug crawled in.

Agile is about responsible behavior. And we should stick to our responsibilities especially in times of pressure. More so in times of pressure. We should have caught this one earlier. Best lessons are learned the hard way.