Automocking and Making Life Easier

Jeremy Miller wrote about Automocking put into his StructureMap tool for dependency injection. To quote him on why he did not use Typemock he writes:

“If you’re using TypeMock you probably don’t care about dependency injection and automocking anyway”

This post is not about if I care about dependency injection (which is a good tool in my opinion, by the way). It is about how a tool in a framework makes life easier.

When you read Jeremy’s post, see how concise the test code becomes, once the Automocking feature is implemented in the framework. The tool makes all the boiler-plate setup code go away. Which of course, let’s the developer concentrate on the really cool stuff, like finding bugs :).

We write tools for developers to make them find bugs… er, develop with ease. Just like Automocking. And, I’m always excited to learn new ways to do that. It gives us more ideas we can implement, and make life easier. Maybe Automocking will not be a Typemock Isolator feature. But we can build on this idea for other features.

After all, that’s our goal here: Simplify unit testing. It says so right there on the logo.